Kingstream Community Council​



Admission to the pool is granted through registering in person at the pool and receiving an electronic access card. Once you have registered, your access card will be activated each year automatically upon payment of your HOA dues. If your dues are not paid, or you move from the neighborhood, your access card will become invalid. All residents age 13 or older must register in person at the pool so that their photo can be included in the registration.

A key to the tennis court can be obtained by filling out the
tennis key  agreement and mailing it to the property manager. During the summer season, the form can be brought to the pool and the lifeguards can provide a key.

All owners must confirm/register their tenants with the property manager each year. Tenants may already be registered at the pool but their registration will NOT be activated at the time the owner pays dues. Tenants accounts will only be activated when the owner returns the Renter Pool Registration Form to property management each year in order to confirm that the tenant is still a resident of their Kingstream address.


1430 Kingsvale Circle

Herndon, VA 20170


Sunday-Thursday 12pm-8pm
Friday-Saturday 12pm-9pm

This summer, due to Fairfax County Schools starting on August 26, 2019, the pool will be open during the following modified schedule from August 26-August 30, 2019.

August 26-30 (Mon-Fri) 4-8pm
August 31 (Sat) 12-9pm
September 1 (Sun) 12-9pm
September 2 (Mon-Labor Day) 12-7pm

Pool Rules
Event Guidelines
Renter Pool Registration Form **If you have renters, you must submit this every year**

The Kingstream Pool is home to the
 Kingstream Kahunas, our summer developmental Swim Team. The Kahunas are members of the Herndon Swim League.