The Kingstream Community Council Board of Directors is comprised of nine volunteer homeowners who are elected every April in the annual meeting by the members of the community. The Board is the executive body of the KCC.  Their role is to facilitate and oversee the business of the Association in accordance with the established governing documents.  Much like the board of a corporation, they conduct regular meetings, vote on issues concerning the association, and have a fiduciary responsibility to protect the assets and best interests of the association. If you are a homeowner and interested in becoming a board member please contact our Property Manager for more information.​

Meet the Board



The Kingstream Board meets on the third Thursday of every month (other than August and December) at 7 pm via Zoom. The annual meeting takes place every April. The Board sets aside time at the beginning of each meeting for a homeowner open forum. Homeowners are welcome to attend meetings to share any feedback, questions, or concerns with the Board. Please note the open forum guidelines that the Board follows in order to keep the meeting productive. For more information about what happens in the meetings, you will find our meeting minutes and the annual meeting presentations available to homeowners in the Documents section. Please contact property management if you would like a copy of the Annual Budget sent to you.

Katie Schuster

Liaison for the Pool Committee

Stephanie Palmer


Liaison for the Communications Committee

​​Chris Bollerer

Member of the Finance Committee

Ken Neumann

Vice President

Sharon Llewellyn

Liaison for Outreach Committee

Tyrone Yee


Mike Wei

Liaison for the ARC Committee

Peter Mech

Liaison for Landscape Committee

Steve Fast


Co-Liaison for the Finance Committee