​All KCC amenities are included in HOA dues and available to all KCC Residents. All non-fenced amenities are available to the public, include paths, tot lot, playground, and basketball court. Fenced-in amenities, such as the pool and the tennis courts, are limited to KCC residents and their guests.

COVID-19 Notice: 

All amenities are currently open. We ask that you please observe current CDC guidelines when using the amenities.

Pool and Tennis

The Pool will open as normal for the 2021 season per the Pool Rules. To enter the pool you must be a part of the KCC HOA and have paid your dues. Please click here to check if your address is a part of the KCC HOA. Because many of our lifeguards are college or high school students, the pool will have modified hours on weekdays when school is back in session, as follows:

Monday, August 23        4 pm–8 pm
Tuesday, August 24        4 pm–8 pm
Wed., August 25              4 pm–8 pm
Thurs., August 26            4 pm–8 pm
Friday, August 27            4 pm–9 pm
Saturday, August 28        12 pm–9 pm (normal hours)
Sunday, August 29          12 pm–8 pm (normal hours)
Monday, August 30          4 pm–8 pm
Tuesday, August 31        4 pm–8 pm
Wed., September 1         4 pm–8 pm
Thurs., September 2       4 pm–8 pm
Friday, September 3       4 pm–9pm 
Saturday, September 4  12 pm–9pm (normal hours)
Sunday, September 5     12 pm–8 pm (normal hours)
Monday, September 6     12 pm–7 pm

If you are seeking access to the tennis courts and you do NOT have a key, please first complete the Tennis Court Key Agreement.